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New Legit NY Representation!

Michelle Thompson • (212) 279-6800

Brian just closed his THIRD Off-Off Bway show in 12 months as John Proctor in The Crucible. And that’s hot off playing Zach in A Chorus Line in Brooklyn!


The Crucible

  • "Brian Vestal as John Proctor provided a raw and unsettling performance...Vestal navigated his demanding character with precision and mastered an emotional transcending tranquility all the way to the show's conclusion, aided by his well artful verbal exchanges and command for the character's ambivalence." - Outer Stage

  • "As John Proctor, Brian Vestal displayed a remarkable range, from whisper-soft, to Lear-like rage. He has an excellent vice and uses it skillfully." - Spectrum

  • "Amid a very strong cast, Brian Vestal and Samantha Wendorf deserve special mention: with minimal histrionics they convey all the couple regrets & resentments, yet also the underlying & abiding love." - Show Score review

A Chorus Line

  • "Zach (Brian Vestal), an authoritative yet compassionate dance captain seeks only eight of the best dancers. Mostly by just hearing his commanding voice-- the dancers were able to share their journeys to Broadway intimately with the audience." - Our BK Social

You can easily find my resume, reels, and “What’s Good” vlog here on my site. :)